Alain Ulmer - photographer

Born in Chazelles sur Lyon (France) in 1949, living and working in the Netherlands since 1970. Until June 2010 I worked as nature guide and photographer in a nature education center of the city of Rotterdam. My pictures have been used for brochures, posters and exhibitions (among others).

As an art photographer, my work focuses on personal subjects in nature, the human individual, society and urban landscapes, all the while keeping in touch with a more conceptual approach to photography.

I am a member of Artgroup MAASKUNST (formerly AG-H), a group of artists with whom I work on diverse exhibitions in art galleries and other places. I am also member of the photography workgroup AFV Vlaardingen. My work can be rented at the art library ARTISCOOP.

The world as seen through a camera lens fractures into pieces of reality which attract me. It is when I am looking to capture the strangely beautiful or fascinating that I am content. Emotions at the moment of one shot are intense, almost mystical. The search for beauty is already a pleasure.

Alain Ulmer
A.Noordewier-R.Laan 215
NL-3066 HD Rotterdam, Netherlands
T: +31(0)10 421 7932
M: +31(0)6 1851 3539